How much does an appraisal report cost?

The charge for an appraisal is never a percentage of the appraised value. Necessary appraisal report and/or consultation services are billed at a flat hourly rate (plus travel expenses where applicable) or per project. For more information about estimated costs for your particular job, please contact us for a quote. Fees for services vary based on the use or uniqueness of the appraisal, the number of items to be appraised, and the amount of specialized research required. The minimum charge for a site visit for examination or consultation purposes is $175. The minimum fee for a Restricted written appraisal report is $700. The minimum fee for a written report for insurance is $900. The minimum fee for a written report for donation is $1,200. Valuation reports, appraisal review reports, and verbal consultations for litigation matters are billed at a different rate. Please contact us for those rates.

Please note that SBA LLC cannot render an opinion of value without complying with USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice). This is standard protocol for all qualified appraisers.

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